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Weight Loss Management Program

Losing weight isn’t about cutting calories and starving yourself. It’s about eating the right foods so you can achieve better health through nutrition. Our weight loss management programs use the latest discoveries in Nutritional Science to promote weight loss.

Our weight loss management program was designed by a Certified Physician Nutrition Specialist with over a decade of experience in the field of nutrition counseling and weight management. Currently, there are only 350 physicians in the United States licensed with this specialty.

American Weight Loss Centers program is based on an understanding of human physiology and metabolism.

As you lose weight with nutrition counseling and weight loss management programs, you’ll also understand how food affects metabolism and hunger. 

Individually Tailored

Non-invasive Rejuvenation 

Our Providers are highly acclaimed for providing customized non-surgical alternatives tailored for each patient.

They are recognized for their signature techniques which help patients look fresh without losing their unique natural features. They are aware of the difference between the Practice of Medicine and the Art of Medicine.